One of my interests is family history and the main purpose of this page is encourage the sharing of information that may have some genealogic value.

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icon My maternal grandfather was Frederick STRIPLING, at least that was what he was known as.  However, he was illegitimate (a fact he was not aware of until quite late on in his life) and was adopted into the STRIPLING family.  Therefore I am not related to the STRIPLING family, but am very keen to learn more about them.

icon My great-grandmother (the mother of Frederick STRIPLING see above) was Mary Paynter.  She was married twice, the first time to a man called SMITH and secondly, and a little curiously, to William Paynter STRIPLING.  In between those two relationships she gave birth to my grandfather in 1874.

icon A great great-grandfather.  He was the father of Harriett KING who married Henry BAINES.  One of their children, Francis Edgar BAINES was my grandfather.  Samuel was a Londoner and a boot maker, probably born around 1807.

icon This is my attempt at transcribing the 'birthday book' kept by Jane Paterson, born 25/2/1845.  Her parents were David Paterson and Eleanor Kirkpatrick.  She married William Rimmer.  Most of her life was spent on Merseyside, UK..  Please let me know if you find any mistakes or have further information to add.