Samuel King

Samuel King was my great, great grandfather. He was the father of Harriett King who married Henry Baines. One of their children, Francis Edgar Baines, born 27/6/1878 was my grandfather. It was this grandfather who gave me the stuffed roach when I was a child. I remember my grandparents telling me that a relative caught the fish. In the case with the roach is a label saying that the fish was caught by Mr King on the River Lea at Broxbourne, April 1858. The fish was preserved by J Cooper 28 Radnor Street, St Luke’s. (In modern London, Radnor Street is in EC1 off A501 City Road, Shoreditch. There is a Luke Street nearby)

The marriage certificate of Henry Baines and Harriett King, 28/6/1863 shows them both to be of full age and both residing at 68 Aldergate Street. Married at St Botolphs Church, Aldersgate. Harriett’s father is shown as Samuel King, a Boot Maker.

The 1881 census shows that at 24 Blurton Road, Hackney, London, Middlesex resided two people:

(In modern London, Blurton Road is in Hackney. That is between Bethnal Green and Stoke Newington) Radnor Street and Blurton Road are less than two miles apart. THIS IS PROBABLY THE SAME SAMUEL KING (See italics below20/11/2002)

If it is the same person, he was born about 1807.

Broxbourne is in Hertfordshire, about 20 miles NE of London, but would appear (Pigots Atlas 1840) to have been connected with Hackney by both the River Lea and the ‘Cambridge Railway Line’.

The igi shows that a Harriet King was born 15/9/1836 and Christened 11/12/1836 at St Botolphs without Aldersgate, London. Parents were Samuel King and Eliza.(20/11/2002)